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Here you will find a useful tool to exercise your brain and learn perfectly Named Reactions.

At the moment "Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis" is the main reference feeding ReactionGuessr.

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Update: version 3.0

Version 3.0 implements multiples changes.


  • Registrations and accounts
  • User profile
  • Houses
  • Leagues
  • New application structure


  • Responsive improved
  • Corrections for schemes

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By registering, each time you will play a game connected with your account, it will be counted and added to your personal statistics. Details of these will be accessible on your profile page.

Each mode brings its own amount of points.

  • MCQ: 1 pt
  • Classic: 10 pts
  • Blind: 20 pts
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Also, as a registered member, you will be part of a House, among the following three:

  • Ionic
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Good luck!



Find the correct answer among ten propositions.



Find the correct answer among all reactions.



Find the correct answer without any help.



From the name, find an example of the reaction.